Photography is a very subjective medium, meaning many things to many people. Here at SkyTec we love the outdoors so our first love is landscape photography but we cater for all types.​ Whatever you are looking for, we are sure we can help.



Using our DJI Series 4 drones and operating within all CASA regulations and local permissions we can provide a unique point of view from the air.

You don't even need to fly that high in order to get a different perspective.

We can put together a tailor made package for you no matter what you are after. We can do real estate agent house shoots both from the air and on the ground. You might want an aerial shot of your business to put in reception or in a flyer. Or you might just want some awesome shots of your property/ boat/ farm to hang on the wall. Just contact us for a quote.

While we love outdoor landscapes, what we really like are landscape panoramas, especially those from the air​ ;)

Real Estate Photography

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Aerial Photography